MEET: Alyssa Cherry of Fillaree


Our featured March Maker, Alyssa Cherry, focuses on natural ingredients to make the most luxurious soaps, scrubs, lotions, and household cleaning products. The Clean Dream Spray, an all-purpose cleaner, is our absolute favorite and we are so excited to share her beautiful items in the store. Fillaree is 100% natural and focuses on refilling and reusing. Every item  in the Fillaree line can be replenished at any one of her many refill stations in the triangle area.



Hometown: Phoenix, AZ


Where you reside: Durham, NC


Drink of choice: A heavy pour of Pinto Nior


How do you take your coffee: Strong - Soy Milk - Stevia


Tell us a little bit about your journey and how it lead you to Fillaree: 

I grew up in Phoenix AZ and received a BA in Women’s Studies from Arizona State. I always was and still am a bit of an idealist, I worked at a domestic violence center for a few years after college. Randomly moved to Barcelona for a few years, worked with a vintage clothing store, perfected my Spanish, then came back to the states to LA, where I dabbled in acting and continued to work with the same vintage clothing connections, but this time as a buyer. I met my husband out there, he took me back to North Carolina with him, and I’ve been here ever since, 2007.  We have two children, Levi 6 and Etta 2, happy to be in Durham, NC, and so happy to have had this be my journey that led me to Fillaree.


With Fillaree, it all began with a regular old spray bottle.  I had the same cleaning spray bottle for seven years. I would buy the refills, fill up my bottle a few times and then recycle the refill bottle. This was fine for a while but I soon realized I wanted to do more.  The refills that you can buy at big box stores were filled with dyes, and chemicals.  Even though many claim to be “green” the majority  of their ingredients were questionable at best.  I also couldn’t get over the fact that you still had to throw away the refill!  I longed for a place where I could refill my soaps, shampoos, laundry, and cleaning products.   After an inspiring trip to California, I decided that it could and should be done; Fillaree was created.  I had already been making my own soaps for family, friends, and myself.  I made it my mission to perfect my liquid soap and to locally offer refill services, being the first to do so in North Carolina. The past year has been such a wonderful experience and I have been able to introduce new products, incorporate local ingredients, and create new scents. Excited to see the evolution as Fillaree grows.


What inspires you: 20th Century, Herbalism, Cher


What’s your favorite scent at the moment: Currently its an essential oil blend that I’m working on, straightforward but a bit complex, smoky, spicy, sweet, I’m trying to incorporate a woodsy element as well.


Take us home….describe Fillaree in three words: Authentic, sustainable, fun.