MEET: Kelly Kye of Kye + Hardy

Meet Kelly Kye! A NC native, she hand dyes and stitches beautiful contemporary quilts under the Kye + Hardy name. Visit Ramble Supply Co. First Friday, April 3rd from 6pm-9pm to celebrate the launch of this month long show.

Hometown: King, NC

Where you reside: Oakwood, Raleigh, NC

Drink of choice: Dark and Stormy

How do you take your coffee: little bit of cream - no sugar

Tell us a little bit about your journey and how it lead you to Kye + Hardy:   I grew up with the love and support of a creative family.  My mother, grandmother and great grandmother quilted. I learned to hand stitch when working on my first quilt in undergrad with my mothers help.  I received my BFA in textiles and surface design at East Carolina University, embracing the craft and color of textiles.  Working a few, seemingly odd, jobs in embroidery, quilting and hand stitched manufacturing I realized that I wanted to create something a bit more thoughtful and honor my own heritage.  KYE + HARDY was conceived as part of my Masters project at NC State University College of Design.  My research has been focused around small hand crafted business’, product development of a quilt line and technical research in dyeing, stitching and folding fibers.  What started as research for a concept brand has led me to push a step further and make it a reality.The brand is named after my fathers family, the Kye’s and my mothers, the Hardy’s.  I am happy to introduce the first products of KYE + HARDY at Ramble Supply Co.

What inspires you:  Quilts! Old, new, traditional, artistic and utilitarian.  I am also inspired by quilting communities such as the Gee’s Bend Quilters in Alabama. The landscapes of North Carolina, traveling and my amazing creative family.


What’s your favorite color combination at the moment: I am in to neutrals with splashes of intense corals and barely there pastels


Take us home….describe Kye + Hardy in three words: thoughtfully crafted quilts


Visit our calendar for Kelly’s upcoming quilting class on April 23rd here at Ramble!