New New: Fire Cider

We would like to introduce Fire Cider to the Ramble family! This amazing elixir, made of organic apple cider vinegar and honey, is a cure all that will put some pep in your step. Drinking apple cider vinegar is known to aid in weight loss, sooth a sore throat, help with digestion and so much more. A natural cure-all, that for centuries was used as a daily tonic in New England. Fire cider takes a spin on this age old mixture and adds oranges, ginger, garlic, turmeric, and lemons to make it one of a kind. DOES THE BODY GOOD!!!


Meet Brian Huebner of the Fire Cider family:

Where is Fire Cider made? - My sister Amy, her husband Dana, and I started making Fire Cider in a commercial kitchen at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Pittsfield in 2011.  We are now producing Fire Cider at the Franklin County Community Development Center on Wells Street in Greenfield MA.  The three of us are still fully involved in the kitchen process, but we’ve got some extra help these days!

Tell us a little bit about Fire Cider and the journey that brought you and your partners to creating this fantastic elixir? My brother in law started making his tonic well over a decade ago, on the advice from his German grandmother.  She told him ACV, horseradish and honey would cure his allergies.  From that basic beginning, the recipe evolved to what it is now, albeit on a larger scale and with all certified organic fruits, vegetables and vinegar.  I started working with Amy and Dana in early 2011, when I designed the label and later the first website.  From there, the three of us have worked every day to make more and more of our tonic, and spread it as far as possible.  We’ve since hired three full time employees from the Pittsfield area.  Dan, Sheri and Sean are tremendously talented, and Fire Cider continues to grow with their help.

Favorite way to drink Fire Cider - alcoholic: With warmer weather approaching, I like a whiskey and FC.  Take a pint glass and fill with large ice cubes.  In the following order, add 2 ounces mild (I prefer Black Velvet) whiskey, 1 ounce Fire Cider, and fill with seltzer.  Garnish with generous lemon wedge, squeezed.

Favorite way to drink Fire Cider - nonalcoholic? Fire Cider tea!  Hot water, Fire Cider, lemon wedge and maybe some added honey if my throat is sore.  Warms me up and breaks up any congestion.

We understand you created the rad labels on all the bottles. What inspired you in this process? Thanks for the shout out!  I’ve been scribbling on things for as long as I can remember, usually pen or pencil and occasionally watercolor or acrylic.  I used to draw a web comic when I was in college and for a few years after that.  At the time I was inspired by the underground comix of R. Crumb and S. Clay Wilson, and then later Chris Onstad of and Ryan North of the graphically consistent  The character and style on the Fire Cider label is directly from my own webcomic, but that really wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for those guys.

Descride Fire Cider in three words: Beware! The! Underdose!

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