Hello and welcome to our first blog post! My name is Jessie Connor and I opened Ramble Supply Co. November of 2014. I thought I’d kick this thing off with a little bit about myself and what Ramble is all about.


Originally from Wilmington, NC, I moved to NYC in 2004 to go to school and fulfill my dreams of living in the big city. I graduated with a degree in Marketing and began work at my first “real” job at Bumble and bumble. I learned so much being a member of the Bumble family as I worked in the New Business department. I loved New York but the day-to-day started wearing on me and I fought with the idea of sitting behind a desk in a cubicle for the rest of my life. Stressed out and over worked, I made the best decision of my life. I quit my job, sublet my AMAZING apartment in Bushwick and traveled west. With the intention of being away for about three months, I decided that if I didn’t miss NY by the end of it all I would pack up my apartment and move on.


Those three months became a huge growing experience. I learned to LET GO…which might have been the hardest part. Leaving NY after so many years made me realize that I was lacking in some pretty basic human instincts. I stopped for once, opened my eyes and looked around. The blinders that NY gives you when you put the security deposit down on your first broken down, bed bug ridden apartment come off.  You have to actually say “hi” to people….what is that!?!? It took me a good two months to acclimate myself. The NY hustle was real and even after a year I still feel that NY is a part of my identity. Shaking The Big Apple took time, but the memories have lasted and if it wasn’t for NY I wouldn’t be where I am today. Cliche, I know, but it led me to some pretty amazing places…..


My Year of Ramblin': 




Great Falls, MT


Lake Five


Glacier National Park


Yellowstone National Park

New Mexico


Santa Fe


Sandstone Caves


Pacific Coast Highway


Napa Valley


San Francisco


Hidden Skate Spot off the PCH

Puerto Rico



Esperanza Beach



Ramblin’ around eventually landed me in Raleigh, NC where I found a city I love to call home. My idea was to bring something different to the area and the name, Ramble Supply Co., naturally fell into place. I felt that I had seen so many amazing places through my travels and I wanted to bring that experience to the triangle. We offer a curated lifestyle through makers and artists not only from North Carolina but from around the world. Since opening, I have received nothing but encouragement and support. Thank you Raleigh for making my next chapter so wonderful!


Ramble On.